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Choyces for Teens is our Mental Health Program for Teens in Year 10. Each term we go to a different high school in the region and ask them to put together a group of Year 10 girls who would benefit from this kind of group. 

One day each week of term, the group comes out to site and Youth Workers Sasha and Michelle run a full day session with them. The topics covered all tie in with Mental Health and learning to love yourself. These include:

- Mindfulness

- Team Building

- Relationships

- Empathy

- Communication

- Body Image & Insecurities

- Coping with Emotions

- Gratitude

The students who participate in this program get to participate in activities they otherwise might not be able to. All while learning different methods for coping with life and Mental Health challenges.

This program isn't able to be applied for as it is run through the schools. However if you are in Year 10 or have a child in Year 10 and hear that this opportunity is coming up, mention to the school that you are interested.

-If you have any questions, or need more information, please call Choyces on 9581 3365

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