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Bumps & Babies 

Bumps and Babies is Choyces' Parenting Program for young mums aged 14-25.


It runs for 2 terms commencing in February and July.


In the first 10 week section of this program, pregnant mums in their 2nd trimester learn what to expect during pregnancy, giving birth and preparing for those precious first few weeks of life.


We cover topics such as:

  • bathing, nappies, swaddling and seasonal clothing

  • baby safety 

  • breast or bottle

  • birth plans (and being realistic about birthing)

  • a visit to Peel's maternity ward to learn the process when you go into labor and delivery

  • contraception after birth

  • emotions and looking after yourself mentally after baby is here

In the second 10 weeks you will learn about how to be a parent and what to expect as your child grows.

This term, we cover topics such as:

  • baby brain development

  • coping with parent and baby emotions

  • mindfulness and the importance of looking after yourself

  • communicating with baby 

  • learn baby, child and adult CPR

  • parenting myths and how to be a realistic parent

  • different values and goals you have as a parent

If you are interested in joining the next program, email 


call 9581 3365

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