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Choyces for Bumps is our Pregnancy Program for young mums aged 14-25. In this program, pregnant mums from many walks of life come together to learn all about pregnancies, births and those precious first few weeks of life. As with all of our groups, people are welcome to come as they are and that we will support them no matter what. 

In this group, we cover topics such as:

  • bathing, nappies, swaddling and seasonal clothing

  • baby safety (sleep, car seats etc.)

  • a visit from a lactation consultant (who discusses breastfeeding and formula feeding)

  • emotions and looking after yourself mentally after baby is here

  • birth plans (and being realistic about birthing)

  • a visit to Peel's maternity ward to learn the process when you go into labor and delivery

  • contraception after birth

  • what to expect in the first few weeks, what to look out for health wise for you and baby

  • watching different birth videos to give an understanding of what different births might look like

  • any other pregnancy related topics that come up over the 10 weeks

-The Bumps group runs each school term (10 weeks per term) and is one 90 minute session each week. 

-Currently the Bumps group is running on Wednesdays from 1pm- 2:30pm.

-If you don't have your license or a mode of transport, we can provide transport to and from group where needed.

-If you would like to join, know someone who would like to join, or want to refer someone, go to the 'Referrals' page to download a referral form, then email that to us. Or simply call and say you're interested in joining.

-If you have any questions, or need more information, please call Choyces on 9581 3365 and ask for Amanda or Abbey

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