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Choyces for Kids is our Primary School Mental Health Program. This program is based off the Teens program we have been running for a few years. The topics are similar, just the content and wording is reframed for a younger audience. We have run this program with 2 primary schools so far and are gearing up to run it with more very soon. The reasoning behind this program is seeing the need for mental health support in this young age group growing drastically. Being so young, they need a more hands on approach to learning these topics, the activities included are very interactive for that reason. 

One day each week of term, Youth Workers Sasha and Michelle attend a chosen Primary School. Each period, they take a year group and discuss these topics in age appropriate ways. The topics covered all tie in with Mental Health and learning to love yourself. These include:

- Mindfulness

- Team Building

- Relationships

- Empathy

- Communication

- Body Image & Insecurities

- Coping with Emotions

- Gratitude

The students who participate in this program learn skills that they otherwise may not have. The aim is that they leave the program feeling like they can handle the changes of moving through the years and into high school, better than before they started.

This program isn't able to be applied for as it is run through the schools. However if your child is in Primary School and  you hear that this opportunity is coming up, mention to the school that you are interested.

-If you have any questions, or need more information, please call Choyces on 9581 3365

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