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Choyces for Babies is our program for young mums aged 14-25 who have already given birth. Mums bring their bubs to group as we learn all about how to be a parent and what to expect as your child grows. As with all of our groups, people are welcome to come as they are and that we will support them no matter what. We have our creche available free of charge for the mums. You can have the option to put bub in with trained childcare workers to enjoy some time with other babies. This means you can also get some time to really soak in the topics in group and time to yourself with the peace of mind that they are right across the hall. 

In this group, we cover topics such as:

  • baby brain development

  • coping with parenting emotions and baby emotions

  • mindfulness and looking after yourself during parenting

  • communication with people around you about parenting and communicating with baby in different ways

  • a baby, child and adult CPR session delivered by WestSwim

  • parenting myths and how to be a realistic parent

  • different values and goals you have as a parent

  • any questions that come up over the 10 weeks

  • celebratory last week of group with a baby and mum swim session 

-The Babies group runs each school term (10 weeks per term) and is one 3 hour session each week. 

-Currently the Bumps group is running on Thursdays from 10am-1pm. Lunch is also provided in this group. 

-If you don't have your license or a mode of transport, we can provide transport to and from group where needed.

-If you would like to join, know someone who would like to join, or want to refer someone, go to the 'Referrals' page to download a referral form, then email that to us. Or simply call and say you're interested in joining.

-If you have any questions, or need more information, please call Choyces on 9581 3365 and ask for Amanda or Abbey

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